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How does Flash Insights work with AI chatbots like Bing Chat?

Flash Insights allows you to extract information from almost any video or web page and prepare a message that you can quickly copy and paste into an AI chatbot or any other web-accessible service. This can help you quickly get insights and information from the content you are viewing without having to spend time summarizing or interpreting it on your own.

Is Flash Insights compatible with all YouTube videos and webpages?

Flash Insights is compatible with the vast majority of YouTube videos and webpages. However, there may be some rare cases where the software may not be able to extract the necessary information.

Does Flash Insights directly integrate with AI chatbots?

Flash Insights does not directly integrate with AI chatbots. Instead, it prepares a copy-paste message that you can insert into chatbots like Bing Chat manually for a seamless experience.

How much does Flash Insights cost?

Flash Insights is completely free of charge. Our goal is to make valuable knowledge from YouTube videos and web pages accessible to everyone.

Can I use Flash Insights with other browsers besides the browsers that are currently listed on the home page?

Flash Insights can be installed on all browsers that are running on Mozilla Gecko or Google Chromium web engines. Chances are, you are using a browser that is powered by one of these two engines. Even if your browser is not listed, you can open Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox stores and see if you can install Flash Insights. We may suppport additional browser engines in the future.

Are you a part of any of the companies such as Google, Microsoft, Bing, OpenAI, YouTube or ChatGPT?

Flash Insights is not an official product of YouTube, Microsoft, OpenAI, Google, Bing, ChatGPT, or any of their subsidiaries or affiliates. Flash Insights is a standalone browser extension developed by our team to help users extract valuable insights from YouTube videos and web pages using AI technology. While we strive to ensure the highest quality of our product, we are not responsible for any issues that may arise from the use of Flash Insights. Please use our product responsibly and refer to our terms of service for more information.

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